Guinness Draught - © venge

Guinness Draught

The most popular beer offered by the Guinness brewery!
Guinness Draught - © venge

Did you know that? There are several Guinness beers in Ireland! But the most famous of the range and the most served in the Irish pubs remains the Guinness Draught! It is a historical Irish stout, as it has been produced in the Dublin brewery since its beginning in 1759. Sold on draught, in bottles and cans, it is said to be sold at more than one million units per day in Ireland alone!

Taste the Guinness Draught

The figurehead of the Guinness brewery!

A pint of Guinness - © venge

A pint of Guinness – © venge

Let’s face it, even if the Dublin brewery of the Diageo group produces many varieties of beer, it is without a doubt the Guinness Draught that remains the most popular!

It must be said that it has many assets in its pint: first of all because it remains light, titrating at 4,2° of alcohol! This makes it a very appreciated beer, because it is neither too strong, nor too timorous.

To the taste, it offers us a nice roundness in mouth, shared between bitterness and caramelized sweetness. We detect notes of coffee and cocoa, perfectly enhanced by a nice bitterness, and the creamy sweetness of its foam.

It has the particularity of being served on draught in the pub with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. A subtlety that gives it all its lightness and airy texture! It is one of the rare beers in the world to be served with this mixture of two gases. A subtlety which makes all the difference with the amateurs!

A Guinness pint in Ireland

A Guinness pint in Ireland

For the anecdote, it is this mixture of gases which allows to obtain the phenomenon so appreciated of the “Guinness Cascade”. Just after being served in the pint, the beer starts to change progressively its color, by a fascinating cloudy ballet alternating light and dark colors! This is what we call the Guinness cascade! An attractive moment to live absolutely!

Since its release, it has been a great success: distributed for 2 centuries, it is still the most served beer of all the Guinness beers! A universal beverage that has proven its worth and is one of the great classics offered by Irish pubs all over the world!

In fact, more than one million pints are sold every day in Ireland alone! A real achievement for the brewery, which has managed to make this stout a real cultural symbol of the country! In towns and villages, the Guinness Draught is everywhere: in 4 by 3, on trucks, in pubs… It is impossible to escape it: it is part of the Irish people’s daily life!


Note that there are 4 different packagings of this beer:

Guinness Draught, sold in kegs and served on draught
Guinness Extra Cold Draught, sold in kegs and served chilled on draught
the Guinness Draught bottle, equipped with a floating widget to give the impression of a draught service
Guinness Draught in cans, also equipped with a floating widget.

There are also other ranges proposed by the brewery. But the tastes are somewhat different. It’s here to discover them.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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