The Gastro-Pub

An irish breakfast being prepared in a pub - jules - cc
An irish breakfast being prepared in a pub - jules - cc

The Gastro Pub is a term that refers to Gastronomic Pubs, serving strong beer as well as fine food. They can be found just about everywhere in Ireland, and their prices are often much cheaper than the restaurants on the island. A friendly way to combine the atmosphere of a bar with that of a family restaurant!

The Gastro Pub

An establishment halfway between a brasserie and a restaurant..

The term gastro pub is a recent term which has only existed since the 20th century. Before that, Pubs only served alcohol, accompanied by cold dishes, based on oysters, whelks, mussels, or shrimps. It was also common to come across a few street vendors at the end of the evening selling their seafood stocks to pub patrons

Nowadays, two terms are used to describe the level of service of a Pub:

  • the Gastro Pub: which designates a Pub that serves hot dishes in addition to its alcohols
  • and the Pub Grub: which refers to a Pub that serves Irish gastronomic specialities such as Fish and Chips, Irish Stew, Irish Breakfast, Homemade Burgers, etc.

The more a Pub is defined as a Gastro Pub, the higher its quality level in terms of meals served. The food served is fine, subtle, revisiting the classics of local gastronomy, using local Irish products.

On the price side, count about 12€ per person for one dish. Desserts are often proposed according to the formula.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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