Draught beer

A Guinness in a bottle - Guide Ireland.com
A Guinness in a bottle - Guide Ireland.com

Draught is a term for a certain type of beer. Originally, this term refers to “any beer stored in large containers and then poured into smaller containers to be drunk, all under pressure. ». A short explanation of this term frequently found on Irish beer cans…

The Draught

Draught beer with carbon dioxide or nitrogen

Draught is what we call a “draft” beer: the beer is stored in a barrel pressurized with carbon dioxide, and possibly also with nitrogen (for example for the Guinness, which gives it its so particular foam), and this pressure makes the beer rise from the basement where the barrel is located to our glasses ..

The term is sometimes also used for cans that use processes that are supposed to produce beer at home that is as good as real “draught” beer, with varying degrees of success.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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