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Although Caffrey’s is a slightly less well-known Irish stout than its Guinness, Murphy’s or Beamish counterparts, Caffrey’s is a very pleasant tasting beer. A little rarer in the pubs, it is nevertheless very popular among the Irish! A small glimpse of this stout a little in the background…

History of Caffrey’s

A Family Brewery

The history of Caffrey’s beer began when Nicolas Caffrey, a wealthy silk and linen merchant decided to set up his own brewery in central Dublin around 1850. He wanted to compete with the famous Guinness beer, which is sold in mass in all the pubs of the city and the rest of the country.

Ten years later, his son, Thomas Caffrey decides to assist his father in the production of the brewery. The competition with Guinness is tough, and Caffrey’s beer doesn’t always manage to capture the attention of the Irish, who are very attached to the first brand of Dublin stout.

The Hour of Restructuring…

On the death of Nicolas Caffrey, the Dublin brewery was closed: as it was not successful, his son, Thomas Caffrey, decided to sell the premises and set up another brewery in County Antrim, a brewery that he named “Thomas Caffrey Brewing Co.”.

Even today, this brewery still produces quality beers, distributed throughout Ireland. Although Caffrey’s has never achieved record sales similar to its Guinness competitor, it is a beer that has managed to endure and establish itself as a quality stout.

Specificities of Caffrey’s

Caffrey’s Stout

It’s often said that Caffrey’s is sweeter and less bitter than other Irish stouts. At 4.7° alcohol, it often has caramelized coffee and liquorice aromas.

It is like the others, with a very dark colour, turning to deep black. Topped with a thick and creamy cream, it is appreciated by pressing only (there are very few bottles or cans of Caffrey’s), for a cost ranging from 3.50 to 7€ depending on the region.

Caffrey’s Ale

Note that there is also a Caffrey’s in an amber version. The taste is lighter, and more similar to a beer like Kilkenny. This version, even sweeter, is much more fruity, and will delight lovers of lager or red beer…

Very thirst-quenching, it’s also easier to drink than Caffrey’s stout… and yet has a similar degree of alcohol…

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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