A bottle of Bushmills whiskey - © monticellllo – stock.adobe.com

Bushmills whiskey

A bottle of Bushmills whiskey - © monticellllo – stock.adobe.com

Bushmills is a Northern Irish whiskey distilled in the small town of Bushmills (Co. d’Antrim). Very appreciated by the Irish, Bushmills is one of the oldest whiskey distilled in Ireland. It is particularly appreciated for its smoky taste, as well as its roundness in mouth…

History of Bushmills

A Whiskey produced since 1608

Did you know that Bushmills whiskey was produced in the oldest distillery in the world?! It all began in 1608, when the Old Bushmills Distillery was built. A pure Irish whiskey was produced there very quickly: Bushmills, named after the city where the distillery is located.

This alcohol is produced using an elaborate technique of triple distillation of the beverage. It passes through and through the same still three times, giving it a particular and terribly “irish” flavour. In fact, there is hardly any other country other than Ireland that distils its alcohol in this way. That’s why Irish whiskey has such a “typical” taste.

From century to century, the reputation of the Bushmills grows in popularity, and the distillery decides to produce variants of its famous whiskey, ageing its beverage more or less. The Black Bush is an interesting derivative, highly appreciated by the great Irish whiskey lovers…

With its constantly increasing sales, the success of the distillery is so great that it still continues to this day. The distillery currently produces thousands of litres of whiskey a year, which are then exported throughout Ireland and around the world.

If you want to know more about this whiskey, we advise you to visit the Bushmills distillery which is open to visitors. You will then be able to discover the different secrets of making this typically Irish alcohol, and maybe bring back in your backpack one of their excellent bottles sold in their shop!

Specificities of Bushmills whiskey

A subtle and strong whiskey in the mouth

The Bushmills is a whiskey with very marked aromas in the mouth. Its amber colour tends to darken as it ages.

On the price side, the Bushmills is in the middle of the range… Count about thirty euros for a bottle. As for drinking it in Irish Pubs, you should know that this whiskey is one of the most essential alcohols that are: it is impossible not to find it in a good pub!

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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