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Black Velvet

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The Black Velvet sSt a famous Irish cocktail, made with champagne and Guinness Irish beer. Created by the barman of Brook’s club in London, this cocktail is nowadays a great classic, which might surprise you! To be drunk in moderation of course…

The Black Velvet

When Guinness and Champagne are in the same glass…

The Black Velvet, combines 2 extravagant drinks: Guinness and Champagne! Enough to fill up with fine bubbles for a good time! Served in flute glasses, this cocktail has an international reputation, and would even be nicknamed “Tiger Milk” in India!

For its composition, the Black Velvet works for so much (5cl of champagne, for 5cl of Guinness). Note that the cocktail works with Irish stouts of other brands, but the real Black Velvet would essentially use Guinness!

On the taste side, the cocktail is surprising, and can be tasted in Irish Pubs in Ireland. Count less than 5€ per flute: a bit expensive, but it’s the price for an original cocktail with Irish accents!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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