Beamish beer

Pints of Beamish
Pints of Beamish

The Beamish is a typical Irish dark beer, served in most pubs in Ireland. Brewed in Cork by Beamish and Crawford, this beer is slightly less successful than Guinness, and is consumed every day by thousands of beer lovers all over the world…

History of Beamish

A Guinness contestant who looks like a fighter..

A Beamish - James Cridland – cc

A Beamish – James Cridlandcc

It all started in 1792, when Richard Henrick Beamish and Arthur Frederick Sharman Crawford decided to join forces to create a brewery. Their goal: to brew stout type brown beers to compete with the rising Guinness, which has been brewing exceptional beers since 1759.

They then began mass production of their first Beamish, a brown beer with a creamy head and particularly strong aromas. The success is not long in coming, and soon the brand is forced to expand and produce more to meet demand.

In spite of their success, Beamish will however not manage to surpass its competitor, and will remain a reputable beer, appearing in the top 5 of the greatest Irish beers… Nowadays, Beamish is still very successful and is one of the most famous Irish beers. It has been bought by the Scottish & Newcastle group and is distributed in Ireland and other countries such as France.

Specificities of the Beamish

An alternative to the other stouts…

The Beamish is a beer that has a lot in common with beers such as Guinness and Murphy. Served on draught, it has a very dark colour, turning to deep black, enhanced by a layer of cream that is both thick and light at the same time.

Its aromas are mainly caramelized, and the bitterness of the Beamish is really pleasant in the mouth for 4.2% alcohol.

Widely marketed, it is available by pressure but also in cans. A floating widget system (a plastic ball that aerates the beer in the can) makes it possible to serve a beer of the same quality as a traditional draught beer. Another specific feature of this beer is that in Ireland there are a few variations of the Beamish, including the excellent Beamish Red, a red beer that is much sweeter and less strong in taste than the previous one.

It is served exclusively in Ireland, but there are a few pubs in Europe serving this beer. This beer is intended for a public looking for more fruity aromas and less bitterness…

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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