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Baileys Irish Cream Original

Baileys Irish Cream Original - Guide-Irlande.com

Baileys Irish Cream Original is an Irish alcohol similar to a whiskey liqueur. It is produced on the basis of a blend of Irish whiskey and crème fraîche, which gives it a particularly mild taste. Its taste, very pleasant in the mouth, makes it an ideal alcohol for aperitifs, and an excellent alternative for those who are not fond of Irish whiskey …

History of Baileys Irish Cream

An Alcohol to appeal to new consumer segments

Baileys Irish Cream Original - Guide-Ireland.com

Baileys Irish Cream Original – Guide-Ireland.com

It all starts with IDV (International Distillers and Vintners), a group specialising in wines and other spirits in Ireland. Wishing to create new alcohols capable of appealing to segments other than the Irish population, the group opened the subsidiary “R.A. Bailey & Co.” in Dublin, responsible for producing Baileys, a new alcohol with the aim of winning new market shares.

This alcohol is meant to be an alternative to whiskey, sometimes considered too strong for some consumers. Thus, Baileys is sweet, creamy, and easy to drink and thus allows to reconcile a non whiskey-loving public, by an alcohol more in nuance… but nevertheless with a high alcohol content…

Very quickly, the alcohol is distributed in the United States, Europe and Asia. The success is total and Baileys manages to become one of the most popular Irish spirits in the world after Guinness and its range of Irish whiskeys. So much so that major groups are beginning to take an interest in its acquisition, including Diageo, which will eventually sign the takeover bid for Baileys.

Today, Baileys Irish Cream Original continues to be a worldwide success, and is distributed by several million litres a year between the United States, Europe and Asia.

Specificities of Baileys Irish Cream Original

A Soft and Muscle Alcohol at the same time

On the taste side, Baileys has rather sweet aromas. There is a touch of coffee, with a hint of caramelized hazelnut and almond flavours, enhanced by slight touches of Irish whiskey, which is very fragrant. The whole of course, softened to the extreme by a light cream, which makes the tasting more pleasant.

This alcohol is generally attributed to an exclusively feminine consumption: women, who appreciate rather sweet and sweet alcoholic beverages, seem to particularly appreciate Baileys as an aperitif…

But make no mistake: although Baileys is sweet on the palate, it is not synonymous with lightness in terms of alcohol! This one nevertheless reaches 17°!

As for the price, a 750ml bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Original will cost you between 15 and 17€…

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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