Irish apple cider - sea_wave

Apple Tree Cider

Irish apple cider - sea_wave

Apple Tree Cider is an Irish cider that you will come across without too much trouble during your stay in Ireland. Very appreciated for its freshness and its balance between fruits and sugars, it should change you from the traditional (but no less pleasant) Bulmers Magners!

Taste the Apple Tree Cider

A cider “made in Cork”, produced by Blackwater!

Apple Tree Cider is a drink produced in Cork from the best cider apples in the region. Here, the watchword of production is quality. Indeed, Apple Tree Cider uses the best ingredients from the local Irish soil to ensure that it is a fine and delicate cider.

Typical, it is the result of a clever blend of cider apples and dessert apples. And the result is unequivocal: sweet, light, fruity, with an assertive character.

Apple Tree Cider is usually drunk at the Pub on draught but is also available in bottles. Irish people usually drink it at the pub or during a good meal, always very fresh, and if necessary with a little bit of crushed ice!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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