A Beamish - James Cridland – cc
A Beamish - James Cridland – cc

Ale is a controlled appellation, which designates a certain type of brewing concerning beer. Ale is indeed a beer whose yeast has fermented in the upper part of the vat, which gives it a particular and inimitable taste . The Beamish is one of those beers, which make the success of the great Irish breweries…


History of Ale

The term Ale, is an ancient name, which was once used to refer to a “fermented alcoholic beverage made from malted barley”. Nowadays, the term has evolved to represent beers whose yeast is confined to the upper part of the vat at a high temperature of 15 to 20°C. As this yeast ferments more quickly, the taste of the beer is sweeter, as the beer converts less sugar into alcohol than the other usual yeasts.

A light, sweet and fruity beer..

Generally speaking, there are many Irish beers of this type. It must be said that Irish people like strong beers as much as light beers.

This method of brewing helps to enhance the fruity and creamy side of the beer, making it softer on the palate and often more refreshing. Generally speaking, an ale can be blonde or red.

Considered as lighter, these beers are very appreciated by women, who often reproach the Stout, and the Lager for too much bitterness, as well as a too high alcohol level…

Ale is therefore a good alternative if you prefer less “loaded” beers. More greedy, they are less strong, and marry perfectly with fruits, crackers, dried fruit, or toast with fish or meat.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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