Dream Job Alert: Supermacs is looking for an ice cream taster!

The concept: controlling the quality of the ice cream served in the fast food network!

Date 16 July 2020

We couldn’t offer better than this ad, which appeared this week on the Supermacs website. The Irish fast food chain is currently looking for an ice cream taster. The objective of the job: to travel all over Ireland, with the heavy mission of pushing the door of all the Supermacs in the country… to order an ice cream, to photograph it, to taste it… and to write it down!

Supermacs, the fast food chain, wants to control the quality of its ice cream.

A tailor-made job for gourmets!

Supermacs ice cream

Supermacs ice cream

If you’re not afraid to put on a few pounds, and feel like an ice cream expert, you’d better apply for this dream job! It must be said that the job description seems to come straight out of a dream: no constraints, apart from the obligation to test all the ice cream desserts offered by the brand, and evaluate them.

According to Supermacs, here are the steps to fill the job:

  • You’ll have to visit Supermac’s restaurants and order, pay for and eat ice cream.
  • You will photograph the product served, paying attention to the presentation and the first impression the product makes on you.
  • You will taste the 100% Irish Dairy cream, evaluate the crispness of the Cookies, the sweetness of the muffin and the sauce of the melted chocolate.
  • You will inspect the presentation and stacking of the Cookies and Ice Cream, check that the ice cream is centred on the tray, that the ice cream is served at the right temperature, etc.
  • You will then complete a questionnaire evaluating the product, paying particular attention to presentation, quality, freshness and giving an overall score.

Supermacs would like to recruit a real lover of Irish products and of cooking in general. They are looking for a candidate with over 10 years experience in ice cream tasting, with a capacity for criticism and evaluation.

In short: a job profile that could suit more than one of you! So if you are a fan of fast food, and you love ice cream, don’t hesitate to try your luck: the job is rather well paid, and should make you have an incredible summer!

It’s this way to discover the ad and apply: Supermacs.

To discover at this time in Ireland:

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