Dream Job Alert: a deserted Irish island is looking for 2 workers to spend the year!

A great job of welcoming tourists, and living in the middle of the wilderness!
14 January 2021
The abandoned village of Great Blasket Island - © Noel
The abandoned village of Great Blasket Island - © Noel

Each year, Great Blasket Island (Co. Kerry, Ireland) is looking for 2 adventure loving people to live for a year on this remote island. The objective is simple: to settle there to accomplish a dream job: to run the coffee shop and the accommodation of the island. A great job but also demanding: Great Blasket Island is indeed an uninhabited island, which only welcomes tourists who come to discover its exceptional landscapes.

Wonderful Irish Island seeks 2 motivated adventurers

More than 40,000 applications received last year!

It is therefore necessary to find 2 people with a solid and courageous temperament, not afraid of the sometimes difficult conditions on site! The objective of the job will be to welcome the tourists arriving by ferry in spring and summer, to entertain them, to advise them on the island’s must-see attractions, to accommodate them at their request, and of course, to serve them food and drink during their stay.

A demanding job, but one that will quickly be rewarded by the incredible and fabulous setting of the island.

Because Great Blasket Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Ireland! With its 5km², there are incredible wild landscapes, seabirds nesting there by the thousands, seals coming to bask on the local beaches… not to mention the sunsets and the many hiking trails available for those who love walking. In short: a real little wild paradise, between greenery and ocean where the hand of Man is almost non-existent. Like the impression of living at the end of the world, away from civilization… while staying not far from the small town of Dingle (a few minutes by boat)!

The job announcement will be published this week on the official Twitter page of Great Blasket Island. The job should start in April and end in October 2021.

Some criteria will now have to be met to get the job. Notably the respect of barrier gestures (Covid-19 obliges). In addition, going there in pairs (with a friend, a couple, or with his sister or brother) would be a plus among the evaluation criteria.

But beware: this dream job is renewed every year and is always a great success! Last year, the island received more than 40,000 applications, both from Irish and foreign applicants. A real buzz, which quickly overwhelmed the people in charge of recruitment : Billy O’Connor and his partner Alice Hayes.


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