Women's Little Christmas - Public domain

Women’s Little Christmas

Women's Little Christmas - Public domain

The festive season lasts several weeks in Ireland, and always ends with Women’s Little Christmas, a day that is held on January 6th each year. This is a kind of “Women’s Christmas”, where women are not allowed to do any household chores. The men take care of the household chores and cooking, while their girlfriends celebrate their day at the Pub! Simple and friendly!

Celebrating Women’s Little Christmas

A 100% girly day!

Women’s Little Christmas is a day that marks the end of the festive season. Originally, Women’s Little Christmas originated in County Kerry and County Cork. But now the practice is more widespread in the country.

It pays tribute to Irish women and exempts them from the usual household chores. They then have the opportunity to have a good time with other women, whether it is in a pub, restaurant, etc….

Whether they are with friends, sisters, or family, they enjoy a well-deserved break, and are even lucky enough to receive gifts from their children. A kind of mother’s day at the beginning of the year!

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