Saint Patrick's Day

What to do on St. Patrick’s Day?

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St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a serious affair: the Irish people attach almost vital importance to celebrating their country and culture in the way they should. Whether you spend it at home or in Ireland, it is traditional to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a minimum of fuss and fuss… Let’s find out more!

St. Patrick’s Day: what to do on March 17th?

1. Green and clover in the spotlight!

A participant at the Saint Patrick's Day celebration - Aurelien Guichard - cc

A participant at the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration – Aurelien Guichard – cc

In Ireland, green is predominant. It’s THE colour you can’t do without to show that you belong to Irish culture… and therefore to Saint Patrick’s Day! (The country is even referred to as the Emerald Isle, because of its green landscapes… Not to mention the clover, a true national symbol, also green).

That’s why it’s traditional to dress in green… And there, the possibilities are endless! From a simple green T-shirt or trousers, you can also go into a slightly more kitschy dimension, with leprechaun hats, make-up on your cheeks (clovers perhaps?), or any other artifice and accessories likely to remind you of Ireland! Only one condition to be respected: be in the green attitude, and remember Saint Patrick’s Day!

2. Go to the Pub

Temple Bar on St. Patrick's Day

Temple Bar on St. Patrick’s Day

Here too, the Irish pub is part of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Irish people gather there to party, have a pint (always in moderation) and listen to typical Irish music. Some Irish pubs even offer to eat on the spot, in a lively and good-natured atmosphere, where people sing, dance and celebrate the pride of being Irish!

Be careful though: whether in Ireland or elsewhere, Irish pubs are used to being packed every 17th of March. If you don’t like crowds, some establishments and neighbourhoods should be avoided…

If you don’t mind, you can go straight to it!

3. Attend St. Patrick’s Day parades and parades

The Great Dublin Parade - Irish Tourism

The Great Dublin Parade – Irish Tourism

This is especially true for Ireland and other Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United States: on St. Patrick’s Day, you must attend one of their famous parades!

On the program, floats, dancers, musicians, as well as impressive constructions to pay homage to History and the best of Irish culture.

We have a good time there: the parades usually last, and the atmosphere is totally crazy! Don’t hesitate to prefer the capitals: the Dublin Parade for example is one of the best parades in the world! The only condition : go there in advance, otherwise you won’t see much as the streets are so black with World.

4. Eat and drink Irish

A Pint of Stout - Brian Morrison - Tourism Ireland

A Pint of Stout – Brian Morrison – Tourism Ireland

Finally, what would St. Patrick’s Day be without its mythical Irish beers?

Always to be drunk in moderation of course, but Irish people have the custom of emptying a few pints on D-Day to enjoy and also pay tribute to some of their “made in Ireland” drinks. It must be said that the country is known worldwide for the quality of its beers! Brown, blond, redhead, stout, lager… The choice is endless!

You can also take the opportunity to eat local food: irish stew, fish and chips, seafood platter, smoked salmon… Partying also means feasting! And the possibilities are numerous when you know a little bit about the local Irish soil!

Still so much to discover!


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