What souvenirs to bring back from Ireland?

An Irish Sweater - Guide Ireland.com
An Irish Sweater - Guide Ireland.com

No ideas for souvenirs or gifts to bring back from Ireland? You can count on 100% Irish and original gifts: whether they are local handicrafts, gastronomic or tourist products, you will be sure to please your friends and family. And to help you, here’s a little help with a few suggestions from us!

Some Christmas Gifts in the colours of Ireland…

An Irish Sweater

An Irish sweater - Guide Ireland.com

An Irish sweater – Guide Ireland.com

The Irish pullover is an essential gift for lovers of handmade handicrafts, and a fine example of Irish know-how. Highly prized by visitors, the Irish Pullover enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its wool (100% pure new wool), and the fineness of its mesh. The sweater is even so natural, that it retains after many washes its typical sheep’s wool smell (note that this smell can be quite strong). Ideal for cold weather, and especially for the winter period, the Irish Sweater will be perfect for a Christmas gift…

  • Price: the purchase of an Irish sweater can go from 40 to 80 € depending on the desired quality. It is possible to order them on the Web .
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A Claddagh ring

A ring of Claddagh - Royal Claddagh - cc

A ring of Claddagh – Royal Claddaghcc

For those who like small, very personal gifts, the Claddagh ring is a ready-made solution to show your affection to a loved one. The Claddagh Ring is indeed a silver ring made of 2 hands holding a crowned heart. Made by Irish jewellers for 300 years, this ring would have a precise meaning for the person wearing it. According to custom, if you wear the ring on your right hand with the crown facing inwards, you signify that your heart is free. If you wear the ring in your right hand with the crown facing outwards, you are telling the chosen one in your heart that love is possible.

And when you wear the ring on your left hand, with the crown facing outwards, your two hearts become inseparable.

Claddaghs can be found all over Ireland and on the Internet. It must be said that this ring has become quite popular in recent years.

Irish whiskey

Whiskey Powers - Guide Ireland.com

Whiskey Powers – Guide Ireland.com

Ireland is the creator of Whiskey and we don’t mind! This little gift is for lovers of strong and peated alcohols, who sometimes appreciate a small glass as a tasting. There are many brands of whiskey, from various ages… and the prices naturally vary according to the age of the beverage! Some of the major Irish Whiskey producers include Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Connemara Peated Malt, Inishowen, Millars, Paddy, Kilbeggan, Green Spot, Tyrconnell, Greenore… and many others!

After that, it’s all a matter of taste, price, and availability. Like other products, most brands are available for import on the Web.

A pack of pints with an assortment of Irish beers

In Ireland, beer is drunk to the brim, and by the pint please! Giving a 6 pint pack with a few Irish beers can be a very appropriate gift for a beer lover. Glasses come in a range of sizes from half pints to real pints of Irish Pub, and most Irish beers can be found in a few supermarkets and are available for export on some websites.

As for the beers to choose from, we recommend a mix of Guinness, Beamisch Red, Smithwicks, and Murphys. As for the choice of pints, those sold in the shops are in the effigy of the great brands of Irish beer. It’s up to you to make your choice!

A Bodhràn

A bodhràn - Janine - cc

A bodhràn – Janine – cc

Notice to musicians wishing to learn Irish music! The bodhràn is one of those inexpensive and aesthetically beautiful instruments that can delight a musician or a fan of original decoration. For the small explanation, a bodhràn is a percussion instrument similar to a tambourine. A goatskin has been stretched over a wooden frame, and the musician only has to tap on it with a sticker to produce a rhythm.

Most of these bodhràns are decorated with interlacing on the skin of the instrument, and can thus be an original decorative object in a living room or bedroom.

  • Price: count between 80€ and 600€ depending on the quality of the bodhràn you want. The Waltons brand provides entry-level bodhràns that are perfectly adapted for a novice.
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A Tin Whistle

Another alternative to the Bodhràn, the Tin Whistle is a much less expensive musical instrument. It is a small steel or copper flute, capped by a plastic recorder. Very popular in traditional Irish music, they are available in different keys and therefore in different sizes. Easy to learn, this instrument is a little attention that will please self-taught music lovers.