The Waterboys

The Waterboys - Thesupermat - cc
The Waterboys - Thesupermat - cc

If you like rock and Celtic folk music, then we recommend listening to the very good band Waterboys. Made up of Irish and Scottish musicians, the punko-celtic influences are particularly present, and it’s a real treat to listen to! Small presentation of this group, rather well known of the Irish scene…

Waterboys Career

Rock, fun: welcome to the Waterboys

The Waterboys’ band was formed in 1983. With a bunch of friends, Mike Scott, a brilliant musician, decided to found a brand new band that would mix musical genres into a Celtic rock&folk style. The mix works pretty well, and the heavy guitars blend perfectly with the violins, Irish bagpipes and tin whistle. Most of the lyrics and tracks were written by Mike Scott himself, who never stopped imbuing his lyrics with spirituality and literary references. The band was always acclaimed by the critics, and influenced many artists such as the no less famous band U2.

Career-wise, the band experienced some conflicts and mood swings over the years, which led them to a first separation in 1991, much to the regret of their fans. But this break-up was short-lived, and the Waterboys reunited in 2000.

On the members’ side, the Waterboys were a band with an incredible musician turnover. And for good reason! Since 1983, there have been more than 30 musicians in the band over the years. Among the most recurring members, we can nevertheless quote:

  • Mike Scott: Pillar of the group, Mike Scott is the leader of the Waterboys. He is the songwriter of the band’s songs.
  • Kevin Wilkinson: Drummer of the Waterboys from 83 to 84, Kevin Wilikinson was one of the best drummers of the group. Known for his proven talent and rigor, he contributed a few years later to some of the band’s studio recordings.

Waterboys Discography

  • 1983: The Waterboys
  • 1984: A Pagan Place
  • 1985: This Is the Sea
  • 1988: Fisherman’s Blues
  • 1990: Room to Roam
  • 1991: The Best of the Waterboys 81-90
  • 1993: Dream Harder
  • 1994: The Secret Life of the Waterboys 81-85
  • 1998: The Live Adventures of the Waterboys
  • 1998 : The Whole of the Moon: the Music of Mike Scott and the Waterboys
  • 2000: A Rock in the Weary Land
  • 2001: Too Close to Heaven (issued as Fisherman’s Blues, Part 2 in the United States)
  • 2003 : Universal Hall
  • 2005: Karma to Burn
  • 2007: Book of Lightning