The Script

The Script

The Script

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The Script is an Irish pop-rock band straight from Dublin. Their debut is recent (August 2008), but their debut album directly propelled them to the forefront of the international scene. Although young, the trio that composes the band delivers inspired and innovative music, with deep and well worked lyrics.

Career of The Script

Their beginnings…

The story of The Script began in 1996. At the time, 4 Irish people from the poor districts of Dublin decide to create a band called “My Town”. The band had to protect to deliver a young music, imbued with blues, jazz, and RnB. The group was then composed of :

  • Danny O’Donaghue,
  • Mark Sheehan,
  • Terry Daly
  • and Paul Walker

However, the success was not there, and the band was quickly eclipsed by the notoriety of the boy band. Terry Daly and Paul Walker leave the band, leaving Danny and Mark in the lurch. The impasse was short-lived: they kept writing and producing new songs. They manage to collaborate with major American producers, such as Dallas Austin, and make the decision to recruit a new member to form a new band: The Script.

It was in Dublin that they recruited Glen Power, a drummer and singer who was soon fascinated by Danny and Mark’s talent.

First albums… first successes

The band’s debut album “The Script” was released in August 2008 and immediately received unanimous acclaim. The singles were propelled to the top of the box office, and the album reached the top of the UK and Irish charts. The band then went on to tour and record a second album entitled “Science and Faith” which was released in September 2010.

Their musical influences ranging from U2, to Timbaland, to Van Morrison, have earned them significant recognition from international audiences. The band’s sound is indeed multi-cultural, social, and contemporary. They don’t hesitate to address in their lyrics current situations, such as the crisis in Ireland… These committed texts have earned them the approval of critics.

Still so much to discover!


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