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The Irish Cap

A man with his Irish cap - stockcentral

Quite simply uncontrollable! The Irish cap is such an institution in Ireland, that it seems immovable to the heads of the Irish! Over there, everyone wears them, from the peasant to the city dweller, and has done so for many centuries already!

Presentation of the Irish Cap

The Irish Cap, timeless in Ireland

Irish cap - KellBailey - cc

Irish cap – KellBailey – cc

The Irish cap is represented everywhere in old historical illustrations, and it seems that the Irish cap has been the prerogative of peasants for many centuries! Entirely handmade, it is first and foremost a craft made from the tweed then produced in Ireland, in Ardara, County Donegal.

Irish people often like to buy them to “break” the visor and give them a shape they like. They then wear it in their own way, in good or bad weather, and don’t leave it for years. The quality of the tweed is such that the cap quickly becomes an absolutely wear-resistant object. It takes more than ten years to complete!

Where to buy his Irish cap?

If you’re interested in buying an Irish cap, you can find them all over Ireland, mainly in shops specialising in clothing made from local craftsmanship. There is, however, one town that specialises in making this type of cap: Ardara (Co. Donegal), which is considered the capital of Irish tweed in Ireland!

Also, you will easily find them in any other store selling traditional clothing such as Irish sweaters or large Aran wool scarves.

On the price side, expect between 60 and 90€ for a good quality cap. Don’t forget to try it on to see if it fits you!

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