The Fall

The Fall

The Fall

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The Fall is a Northern Irish series that is currently enjoying great success throughout Europe and the United States. It is a detective series created by Allan Cubitt and broadcast since May 12, 2013 in Ireland on RTÉ One and since May 13, 2013 in Great Britain on BBC Two. A well-crafted series, which is likely to fascinate you from the very first episode!


A chase crossed with a high-flying serial killer!

The Fall is based in Belfast today, as part of the Police Service of Northem Ireland (PSNI). Completely overwhelmed by a series of murders of rare violence that have been going on for over a month in Belfast, the PSNI decided to call on Divisional Commissioner Stella Gibson of the Metropolitan Police Service to re-examine the case.

A long investigation begins, in which the young woman decides to leave nothing more to chance, and to start the investigation all over again.

Meanwhile, Paul Spector (played by Jamie Dornan), the author of these murders continues his misdeeds, and proceeds methodically to leave no trace …

Our Opinion

A breathtaking thriller carried by a tailor-made cast

If the series is currently so successful, it is above all thanks to the impeccable performances of its 2 main roles. Thus, Gillian Anderson (Scully in X Files), plays a strong woman, determined to fight against a terrifying and enigmatic killer played by Jamie Dornan. The series chose to shoot its scenes from two angles: while Commissioner Gibson tries to complete his investigation, viewers are invited to follow the actions and daily life of Paul Spector, the cold and two-faced author of these unbearable crimes.

As the audience tries to get a better grasp of this criminal’s mind, the vice seems to be tightening little by little, and we quickly find ourselves drawn into an atmosphere rich in suspense and emotion.

Let’s particularly salute actor Jamie Dornan, who gives us here the portrait of an atypical criminal, as cold as fascinating, who does not hesitate to lead a double life to conceal his crimes.

In short: a series to be tested absolutely!

Still so much to discover!


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