Boys and Girls from County Clare

The Boys and Girls From County Clare

Boys and Girls from County Clare

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The Boys and Girls from County Clare is a film directed by John Irvin, which tells the story of two Irish traditional music bands competing against each other in a national Celtic music competition… On the program, excellent music, a lively atmosphere and a rather light and sympathetic humour that inevitably puts you in a good mood!

Summary of The Boys and Girls from County Clare

A Traditional Irish Music Competition

Jimmy McMahon is a 60-year-old Irish musician with a passion for Irish music. Although a bit gruff, he is appreciated by all and lives in a small quiet town in County Clare, where he passionately devotes himself to traditional Irish music, alongside his band .

He then learns about a great Celtic music competition and sees it as a great opportunity to put down his long-time rival, himself a member of an opposing group, and a great musician…

Jimmy McMahon then decided to enter his traditional Irish music group in the competition and beat his opponent once and for all…

But the challenge is huge, and will not be without pitfalls… Especially with the clique of musicians who make up his band, the financial problems to bring all these little people to the competition, the musical talent of each one, not always there, the family stories and other personal rivalries that will not fail to add to the challenge set by old Jimmy McMahon!

Our Opinion

A Light Film that takes up the great classics of the genre

Director John Irvin didn’t make lace with The Boys and Girls from County Clare. A simple, musical story, coupled with family histories and musical rivalries sewn together with white threads, and the trick was played to give rise to a rather light and sympathetic film, ideal for moments of relaxation …

The result is rather successful, and we are having a great time. All the ingredients are there to feel immersed in the heart of an authentic (though sometimes caricatured) Ireland: the music is excellent, and the colourful characters are rather endearing… Humour is also present, and there’s never a dull moment in the film.

The actors’ performances are rather touching, and Colm Meaney, Bernard Hill, Shaun Evans, or Andrea Corr (from the Corrs’ band) offer the audience a very nice and light story, which will not remain in the annals…

Still so much to discover!


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