St. Patrick's Day cookies - bhofack2

St. Patrick’s Day: What do the Irish eat on March 17?

St. Patrick's Day cookies - bhofack2

Every 17th of March, all of Ireland vibrates in unison to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! On this occasion, they dance, parade in the streets, gather in irish pubs, sing, dance and of course… eat! But what exactly do we eat on St. Patrick’s Day? What dishes? With what drinks? A little catch-up on traditional Irish St. Patrick’s Day food!

What’s for dinner on St. Patrick’s Day?

Convivial and festive meals from Irish cuisine!

In Ireland, it’s all about tradition! That’s why St. Patrick’s Day is an opportunity for Irish people to rediscover good family dishes! These are invigorating dishes, often simmered, and which have the advantage of warming up the atmosphere (remember that Saint Patrick’s Day takes place in the month of March, in winter).

Warning: Irish cuisine is used to keeping things simple. That’s why you’ll find simple dishes with few ingredients! Potatoes, cabbage, Guinness, butter, smoked salmon… Nevertheless, the Irish soil abounds in quality products, which makes it possible to make simple dishes that are absolutely incredible. So don’t let yourself be influenced: Irish cuisine is full of surprises!

Here is a small list of the favorite dishes of the Irish for Saint Patrick’s Day:

The irish stew

An irish stew - Nadianb

An irish stew – Nadianb

Here’s a must have first! The Irish stew, it’s a bit the Irish flagship dish! It is a lamb (or mutton) stew, served with potatoes, onions and carrots.

It’s a simple dish, but still takes hours to simmer. The taste is then unparalleled and really worth the detour, especially when accompanied by a cool pint of brown beer (a stout like Guinness or Murphy’s to name a few), and Irish bread (brown bread).

Note that the irish stew has a variant: the irish beef stew: an identical stew but made from beef. Enough to vary the pleasures!

Irish-beef stew is a true delight: although simple and unattractive at first, it ends up making many fans with its inimitable taste. Don’t hesitate to be tempted! It will be a way to feed yourself the Irish way!

The colcannon

A colcannon - bhofack2

A colcannon – bhofack2

In Ireland, the potato has always had a prominent place in the country’s cuisine. First of all because historically, Ireland has lived in poverty for centuries: the potato was then along with cabbage, an accessible food, which formed the basis of their diet.
Although today the potato is still cooked, it has found its letters of nobility with certain Irish flagship dishes.

Especially with the Colcannon: it is a delicious main pkat! It could be described as a mashed potato and cabbage, cooked with butter, milk and onions. Some colcannon has meat added, such as bacon or lamb.

The end result is a simple but delicious dish!

Smoked salmon and Guinness Bread

Smoked Salmon and Guinness Brown Bread

Smoked Salmon and Guinness Brown Bread

In Ireland, we love local salmon! It must be said that the country has an international reputation for the quality of its wild salmon! That’s why Irish people like to enjoy smoked salmon in the simplest of ways: with Guinness Bread!

It’s like slicing bread (Guinness Bread, based on the famous Irish beer, which gives it its dark hue), spreading butter on it, placing a slice of Irish smoked salmon on top, and sprinkling it with a few drops of lemon.

It gives a perfect bite: a clever balance between sweetness and acidity! A real delight, typically Irish, which can once again be served with a cool Irish beer.

A fish and chips

A fish and chips with cod - fazeful

A fish and chips with cod – fazeful

In the life of the Irish, there are no small pleasures… Especially when it comes to fish and chips! It’s as simple as having fresh fish, homemade fries and a small coleslaw salad… And it’s paradise !

Ireland is a country extremely fond of this type of meal. It must be said that the country is rich in fishermen, and many establishments offer hake, cod, haddock just off the boat, ready to be cooked!

The result is a sumptuous dish, easy and quick, rather economical, edible at the table as well as standing up. In other words, it’s the ideal dish to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day!

Count less than 10€ for fish and chips: many irish pubs offer it, but there are also many specialised restaurants that only offer this dish. So, you’ll come across many Dubliners eating this famous dish on March 17th. A real pleasure!

Best eaten with a tartar sauce, rustic fries and some raw vegetables such as coleslaw or mashed split peas. It’s the perfect balance!

On the sweet side…

In Ireland, there are also many desserts that are more suitable for sweet beaks. And here, it’s the farandole of possibilities! Impossible to make an exhaustive list, but you will come across many desserts based on Guinness, raisins, Bailey’s…etc.

Here is a small list of them:

  • The Porter Cake (Guinness style)
  • Guinness Pudding
  • St. Patrick’s Cupcakes (often green and made with Irish beer)
  • The irish potatos candy (based on Bailey’s)
  • Fudges
  • The irish soda bread cookies
  • The irish shortbreads
  • The Guinness Milkshake
  • …etc.

So much more to discover...

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