Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is an indie rock band from Northern Ireland and Scotland, known worldwide. After a difficult debut, and two totally transparent albums, they have exploded and gained success thanks to their inspired songs and the depth of their lyrics…

Snow Patrol Career

Formation and beginnings

It all began in Scotland in 1994, when two Northern Irish men, Gary Lightbody and Mark McClelland decided to form a band called “Polarbears”. At the time, both were students at the University of Dundee and wanted to break into indie rock.

However, they were soon forced to change their name, following a dispute with an American group bearing the same name. The group then became “Snow Patrol”.

During the first recordings, they recruited another Northern Irish man, Jonny Queen, who took on the role of permanent drummer.

The first album is recorded in 1997, followed by “When It’s All Over We Still Have to Clear Up” in 2001. They then recruit Iain Archer, a motivated guitarist and composer, who will work with the rest of the band on the composition of a third album. In the meantime, he recruited yet another guitarist, Nathan Connolly, and signed to Fiction Record, a subsidiary of Polydor Records.

The Consecration

The release of the third album “Final Straw” will propel the band to the rank of one of the most promising indie bands of the year 2003/2004. The single “Run” is then N°3 in the charts in England, and the album is a big success. So much so that some of their tracks even appear in US series (Cold Case, Jericho, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones…etc.)!

In 2005, the leader and singer Gary Lightbody announced the departure of their drummer Mark Clelland for incompatibilities of mood and too strong differences. Paul Wilson, former bassist of the Terra Diablo then joined the Snow Patrol band, as did Tom Simpson on keyboards.

The band then opened for U2 during their Vertigo Tour in 2005. He took part in the Live 8, then took a rest, before starting to write their fourth album.

The album Eyes Open was released in 2006, and was a great success. We know him the famous single “Chasing Cars” a single heard many times in US series, as well as “Open your eyes”. It is for them the best-selling album of their career, and especially the most successful!

After an international promotion, the band rests, before starting in 2011 the writing of Fallen Empire, scheduled for November 2011. Highly anticipated, this album proves to be more ambitious and vehement than the previous ones… to the delight of their fans!

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