Sing Street is a John Carney movie. Released in 2016 in theatres, it depicts the old-school Dublin of the 1980s, where the musical culture happily clashes between rock, metal, pop and new wave aficionados. A rather nice film, depicting a colourful retro Ireland!

The Story

A kid from Dublin decides to start his own music band

The story is a threadbare, but rather effective: we discover the dull and drab daily life of a teenager, Conor, a high school student who is a bit lost. His parents are on the verge of divorce, and he is forced to leave his private high school to attend a public high school. There, all is hostility: he is mocked, the students are cruel and the teachers are demanding.

Everything seems against him, until the day he meets Raphina, a pretty local girl. Determined to impress her, he decided to start a music band, even though he knew nothing about this world. Convinced that he would succeed, he promised her that she would appear in his future music video. Then begins a real fighter’s journey…

Our opinion

Reading the synopsis, one can’t help but think of the band U2, which was founded a bit by chance, in Dublin in the 70s and 80s, by kids who were not very experienced in terms of music.

The film “Sing Street”, seems to have been directly inspired by the story of Bono and his acolytes, in order to deliver a fresh and sympathetic film, in a retro Ireland, in search of cultural renewal.

The film is rather smooth and well produced. We have a good time in it, even if some scenes seem to be close to an Irish “Glee”.