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Sharon Shannon - Jo Cox - cc

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Sharon Shannon is one of Ireland’s best known musicians. Armed with her diatonic accordion, she plays to perfection pieces from traditional Irish music. Since the beginning of her career, she has never stopped collaborating with the greatest, including the Chieftains and the Galician Carlos Nunez.

Sharon Shannon’s Career

An Irish woman who has worked with some of the world’s greatest

Sharon Shannon has always been immersed in traditional Irish music. Coming from a family of musicians, she naturally took up the diatonic accordion at the age of 11. A few years later, she began composing and recording a solo album, which caught the eye of the Waterboys, a traditional music group, who offered her the chance to join their ranks. Sharon Shannon accepted.

After releasing an album with this group, Shannon decided to start writing a new solo album, which would earn her one of her greatest hits: the album “Sharon Shannon”. This was followed by several collaborations with the Chieftains, as well as other major Irish musicians.

In 1992, Sharon Shannon released “Woman’s Heart”, the album which would establish her as the greatest Irish artist of her time. From then on, the success was so great that many musicians asked her for collaborations, during gigantic concerts. Her talent on the accordion was then nationally recognized and began to go beyond the borders of Ireland.

The older children will then ask him to play with them. Among them, the most important were Carlos Nunez, a Galician musician, the Woodchoppers, and the Chieftains.

Discography of Sharon Shannon

  • 1991: Sharon Shannon
  • 1992: Woman’s Heart
  • 1994: Out the Gap
  • 1997: Each Little Thing
  • 1998: Best Of Spellbound
  • 2000: The Diamond Mountain Sessions
  • 2001: Live in Galway (with the Woodchoppers)
  • 2003: Libertango
  • 2005: Tunes (with Frankie Gavin, Michael Mcgoldrick and Jim Murray)
  • 2005: Best Of The Sharon Shannon Collection 1990-2005
  • 2006 : Live at Dolan’s
  • 2007 : Renegade


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