Seth Lakeman - amanda benson - cc

Seth Lakeman

Seth Lakeman - amanda benson - cc

Seth Bernard Lakeman is an English songwriter, whose music has a strong Irish sound… Considered as one of the growing talents of the English-speaking scene, Seth Lakeman collaborates with the greatest Irish names, and sometimes does it with his family, with his brothers, affectionately nicknamed the “Lakeman Brothers”, with whom he will form a band…

Seth Lakeman’s Career

A childhood marked by Family Music

Seth Lakeman was born on March 26, 1977, and spent a quiet childhood in the village of Buckland Monachorum in Devon. Coming from a family of musicians, Seth discovered music at a very early age with his parents and his two brothers, Sean and Sam.

After studying music, the Lakeman brothers decided in adulthood to record their first album, “Three Piece Suite”, which came out in 1994.

This first album is rather well received by the critics, and offers them the possibility of a tour in Portugal, with 2 other singers: Kathryn Roberts and Kate Rusby. Seth Lakeman discovers the happiness of the stage and manages to enter in real communion with the public, who don’t hesitate to get up to dance and sing with him.

Seth uses mostly Irish instruments in these pieces, including the bodhràn, the tin whistle, or the fiddle, an Irish violin that he never leaves.

Time for Success… and a Solo Career

Now, the band is 5 musicians, and works rather well. So much so that he signs a contract with Time Warner in 1995, one of the most fashionable record companies of the moment… Between 1996 and 2000, they recorded 3 promising albums:

  • Come Back to me in 1996
  • Hazy Daze in 1998
  • The Lucky Few in 2000

The tours followed one another, and Seth Lakeman decided to collaborate on another album, that of the singer Cara Dillon, who is none other than his brother Sam Lakeman’s wife. Seth played violin and guitar and also took part in the singing… Their collaboration on the album entitled “Cara Dillon” is so promising that the two artists won 2 awards from the BBC.

In 2002, Seth Lakeman decided to try his hand at a solo career, and released the album “The Punch Bowl” then “Kitty Jay” in 2004, “Freedom Fields” in 2006 and Poor Man’s Heaven in 2008. Not one of his albums met with negative reviews: the whole profession seemed to recognise in Seth Lakeman a great talent for Irish folk music. His perfect mastery of the violin, guitar and banjo allow him to push his Irish inspiration further and further towards new paths…

Discography of Seth Lakeman

  • Three Piece Suite – 1994
  • Come Back to me – 1996
  • Hazy Daze – 1998
  • The Lucky Few – 2000
  • Cara Dillon – 2001
  • The Punch Bowl – 2002
  • Kitty Jay – 2004
  • Freedom Fields – 2006
  • Poor Man’s Heaven – 2008

So much more to discover...

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