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Roddy Doyle

Roddy Doyle - PalFest - cc

Roddy Doyle is a contemporary Irish writer born in May 1958 in Dublin. A novelist, his works have always been successful and have led to film adaptations, such as The Commitments, or The Van. His scathing humour and his criticism of Irish society make him a very talented writer!

Biography of Roddy Doyle

A committed writer, close to the Irish working class..

Roddy Doyle grew up in a working-class part of Dublin, Kilbarrack. After brilliant studies at the University College of Dublin, he embarked on a teaching career until 1993, when he decided to take up writing?

Roddy Doyle then set himself as a battle horse for identity and social issues. Thus, the writer has fun comparing the Irish to blacks, in order to better address the difficult daily life of the Irish working class, its position in society, as well as the discrimination it faces every day.

But Roddy Doyle also stands out for his writing style, which is very close to Irish popular orality. His raw, urban, working-class language stands in stark contrast to the writings of most other Irish writers of his generation. A way to better present the working class, giving it a young, evolving and humorous image.

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