Rebellion - Netflix
Rebellion - Netflix

Produced by Netflix, Rebellion is a series of 5 episodes, telling the high historical episode of the Easter Rising of 1916, an attempted Irish uprising, which claimed the independence of Ireland, and the withdrawal of the British from the island of Ireland. An event that ended in failure, but which gave a decisive impetus to the quest for Irish independence for the next few years!

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A series that tells the Insurrection through fiction as if you were there!

The Rebellion series focuses on the destiny of 3 women, who will each live this terrible Insurrection in their own way. The three friends seem inseparable, from the very first scenes. The series opens on an evening of August 3, 1914: while they seem to have fun, the war 14-18 is officially declared. The series then makes a leap forward, to be located on April 18, 1916, a few days before the Irish Uprising. From then on, the destiny of these three friends will change: their respective choices will oppose them, tear them apart, and unleash the passions.

Thus, you will discover the destiny of :

  • Frances O’Flaherty, a teacher, who became a militant for the Cumann na mBan, a nationalist women’s militia. The latter will find herself occupying the Dublin Post Office, alongside Patrick Pearse, one of the charismatic leaders of the Rising.
  • Elisabeth Butler, a young bourgeois woman, a convinced socialist. She will follow Jimmy Mahon, a member of James Connolly’s Irish Citizen Army, to participate in the failed attack on Dublin Castle, then seat of the British government in Dublin.
  • May Lacy, an Irish secretary working at Dublin Castle on behalf of Charles Hammond, an English official, who became her lover. In love and pregnant with this Englishman, she will live the conflict in a very different way from her friends, dreaming of spending happy days with the love of her life. A dream incompatible with the conflict raging outside…

The series is breathtaking and exciting. Produced for a budget of 6 million euros, the series has tried to be as realistic as possible, and to retranscribe a Dublin of the 1910s more than convincing. We also appreciate its feminist angle: the series tries to tell the conflict from a new angle: that of women. An interesting bias, which gives a new depth to the event.