Queen Medb

Queen Medb

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Queen Medb (also called Queen Maeve or Maëve) is a character from Irish mythology. High symbol of royalty, she embodies sovereignty and ambition. The main writing that evokes her character is “La razzia des caches de Cooley” (Táin Bó Cúailnge), in which she launches her army against a bull, and confronts the valiant Cúchulainn.

History of Queen Medb

An ambitious and tyrannical queen

According to mythology, Queen Medb is the wife of King Ailill. The writings describe her as a woman drunk with power, loving to assert her superiority over her people through her wealth and ambitions. She proves to be a woman of great courage, a fine strategist, and a great warrior.

In the mythological writing of “La razzia de las cajas de Cooley” (Táin Bó Cúailnge), she fights with her king to assert her supremacy over his sepulchre. The latter claims to have much more property and wealth than Ailill…

The latter seems to own a magnificent white bull, and Medb does not seem to own such a bull.

Furious, she then launched an expedition to seize a magnificent brown bull in Cooley (known as the Brown of Cúailnge), belonging to an Ulster nobleman named Däre. Däre refuses to give it to her, and Medb sends all his army and the armies of the other provinces of Ireland to take it by force. The army then confronts the warrior Cúchulainn, who, helped by the Ulates of Ulster, will manage to keep Queen Medb in check.

The writings tell that she will take revenge much later on from Cúchulainn, by asking 3 witches to poison her to weaken her. Although the latter succeeded in beheading the 3 witches, he was however murdered by Lugaid, a soldier of Queen Medb, with a javelin that pierced his chest.

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