My Left Foot

My left foot

My Left Foot

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My left foot is a film by Jim Sheridan that tells the true story of Christy Brown, a Dublin artist suffering from spastic paralysis, who forces him to paint with his left foot. Played by the brilliant Daniel Day Lewis, this film was awarded 2 Oscars. A great film that tells the story of surpassing oneself in finesse and sensitivity.

My left foot


My Left Foot

My Left Foot

My left foot is a film tribute to one of the great Irish painter of the 20th century. It aptly presents the life of Christy Brown born in 1932 in Ireland, suffering from a serious pathology paralysing almost his entire body from birth. Nevertheless, from the age of 9, Christy Brown realized that he could control his left foot and use it to paint and express his artistic sensibility.

Followed by a specialized clinic, he is cared for by Eileen Cole, a practitioner who notices his efforts and encourages him through his painting. Christy Brown falls in love with him and manages to overcome the most difficult challenges…

Our opinion

My left foot is undoubtedly a poignant film that draws the viewer’s attention to the handicap, its difficulties, the capacity for resilience and to love. A poignant, heartbreaking film, carried by an impressive Daniel Day Lewis, who literally embodies the painter with brilliance and destabilizing accuracy.

His performance, moreover, was hailed in 1989 by the Oscar for best actor. As was his partner, to whom he gave the line, who also won an Oscar for best supporting actress.

A difficult subject to tackle, but presented with great delicacy. A must see!


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