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The Merrow is one of those mystical creatures, which can be found in many Irish and Scottish legends. This Gaelic creature is a kind of evil mermaid with a strong hatred for humans… Let’s tell ourselves: it’s better not to cross one in its path!

The Merrow

A Gaelic siren announcing misfortune…

The Merrow is a rather difficult type of creature to pin down… There are both male and female Merrows, all living in deep water oceans near shipwrecks…

Rather lively and quarrelsome, female Merrows are known for their great beauty, while male Merrows are rather hideous and terrifying…

These creatures can be recognized by their red feathered hats called “cohuleen druith” in Gaelic. It would be thanks to this headgear that these mermaids would have the power to live underwater… (If taken off, the Merrows are doomed to wander on the shore, and to turn into hornless cows… And yes, Irish legends are sometimes strange !).

The Merrow is generally a rather belligerent being, heralding great misfortune… According to the legend, meeting this type of fantastic creature can herald a strong storm (for fishermen), an imminent death, or a terrible curse. In short, nothing very engaging!


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