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Matt Talbot

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Matt Talbot (1856-1925) is an Irish man known throughout the world for his fight against alcoholism… Although his life is only partially known to us, Matt Talbot is a most mysterious figure… Revered by Catholics for getting out of alcohol, Matt Talbot is considered by many Christians as the Patron Saint of alcoholics for his piety, as well as for his mortification of the flesh …

Biography of Matt Talbot

Youth marked by alcoholism

Matt Talbot was born into a poor Dublin family. Second in a family of 12 children, Matt is often left to his own devices, and at a very young age he experiences the horrors of alcoholism, influenced by his father and brother, who are also exposed to heavy drinking . Matt Talbot then leaves school at the age of 12 and gets a job in a beer shop, which doesn’t improve his alcoholism… Very quickly tired of this job, he finds a new job in a whiskey shop… It is then the escalation: Matt Talbot drinks at work, spends all his money at the pub, borrows money from his entourage and gradually gets into debt… He goes so far as to steal a fiddle to sell it and spend it on alcohol…

Matt Talbot decides to fight his alcoholism..

It was 1884, when Matt was at his worst. Gradually becoming aware of his recurring alcoholism, he decides to “make a commitment” to stop drinking… To do so, he goes to the College of Sainte Croix de Clonliffe, and takes an oath to stop drinking for 3 months… This period passes then slowly, and Matt struggles to wean himself off, but still manages to do so without deviations… At the end of the 3 months, Matt decides to extend this commitment, and commits himself for 6 months, then for life… He will then be done with alcoholism : never again will we see him with a pint in his hand.

Initially insensitive to religion, Talbot rediscovers Catholicism after his withdrawal… From then on, Talbot decides to lead a life of piety and generosity… In 1890, Talbot became a member of the Franciscan order, and in 1915 he moved into a tiny apartment in Dublin where he lived a life of prayer, eating little, sleeping on wooden planks, praying on all occasions (even at work), and going from mass to mass whenever the weather permitted…

Death of Talbot

Talbot dies on June 7, 1925, while he goes to mass… He collapses, struck down by chronic heart failure… Soon afterwards, the Irish man’s body is transferred to the hospital, and he is stripped naked. We discover with amazement a bruised body in his flesh: a chain is wrapped around his waist, while other chains and ropes are wrapped around his arms and legs. During his lifetime, Talbot inflicted countless physical abuses on himself, true to his religious commitment.

Soon the religious community made a great deal of this discovery… Matt Talbot, who once lived a life of anonymity, was passed on to posterity after his death… He is buried in the Glasnevin cemetery: many people pay him a last tribute…

Since then, Talbot has become an emblematic figure in the fight against alcoholism among Catholics around the world. Many hospitals and rehab facilities have been renamed in his honour, as has a bridge in the very heart of Dublin (The Talbot Memorial Bridge). On November 6, 1931, Byrne Archbishop of Dublin opened an inquiry under oath into the alleged claims of sanctity of this worker (former dockyard). The official sworn inquiry in the Vatican began in 1947. On October 3, 1975 Pope Paul VI declared Venerable Matt Talbot Venerable, which is a step on the road to his canonization, a process that requires proof of a physical miracle in order to succeed.

Matt Talbot’s remains were transferred from Glasnevin Cemetery to Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Sean McDermott Street in Dublin in 1972. The tomb has a thick glass panel through which Talbot’s coffin can be seen.


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