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Mary Black

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Mary Black is an Irish singer known throughout the world. She is appreciated for the purity of her voice, as well as the diversity of her musical inspirations. It must be said that all styles are allowed to her: from traditional Irish music to the most ferocious jazz, Mary Black works with talent to make all possible and unimaginable music her own? True happiness for our ears!

Mary Black’s Career

A childhood in a family of seasoned musicians…

Mary Black was born in Dublin on May 23rd 1955 to a violinist father and a singer mother. Mary was soon introduced to music herself, as were her brothers and sister. Mary seemed to be attracted to singing, and from her teenage years she possessed a voice which she mastered with great technical skill. When she realised her talent, she joined the family band, which performed on a few local stages in Dublin.

In 1984, Mary Black left the family band to join De Dannan, a traditional Irish music group with cheerful songs. Mary then discovered the joys of touring and being in contact with the public. Her voice seemed to amaze the critics, and the young woman made a real name for herself in the Irish music scene.

Mary Black starts a solo career and knows the consecration of her talent..

In 1986, she decided to leave the band to start a solo career… She then tried her hand at different styles, such as Irish music, jazz, or country music… She multiplies the release of albums, and meets a real success in Europe and the United States.

The purity of her voice is so impressive in the eyes of the public, that the magazine “What Hi-Fi” decides in the 80’s to use her voice as a reference to compare the quality of the sound broadcast by the different radio stations of the time…

In addition to his vocal talent, he also has a perfect mastery of the bodhràn, an Irish percussion instrument that is particularly difficult to play on stage. She uses it for most of her Irish pieces, and inflames her audience by beating the measure with brio.

On the strength of her success, Mary Black decides to think about her private life as well, and marries Joe O’Reilly, an Irish man with whom she gives birth to three children (Conor, Danny and Roísin O’Reilly). This doesn’t prevent her from continuing touring and recording new albums…

The latest one is called “Full Tide”, and was launched in 2005. It once again consecrates the singer as a great Irish musical talent… to the delight of her fans. A new album should be released soon by 2010, but Mary Black is for the moment discreet…


  • Mary Black (1983)
  • Collected (1984)
  • Without the Fanfare (1985)
  • By the Time it gets Dark (1987)
  • No Frontiers (1989)
  • The Best of Mary Black (1990)
  • Babes in the wood (1991)
  • The Collection (1992)
  • The Holy Ground (1993)
  • Circus (1995)
  • Looking Black (1995)
  • Shine (1997)
  • Speaking with the Angel (1999)
  • The Best of Mary Black 1991-2001 & Hidden Harvest (2001)
  • Mary Black Live (2003)
  • Full Tide (2005)


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