Lúnasa is an Irish music group known worldwide for its Irish folk tunes. Its musicians are known to be true geniuses of traditional music, and transmit an incredible energy to each concert! Proof that you don’t necessarily have to sing to make good music!

Lúnasa’s career

From their beginnings to their global success

The band formed in the mid-1990s and took the name Lúnasa, a Gaelic term referring to the month of August and the mythological God Lug. The group was then composed of 5 virtuoso musicians who would sometimes just make a lightning passage and who would then be replaced.

From 1999, the group was a great success, mainly in the USA, where they started touring extensively. Their albums sold by the thousands worldwide, and propelled them to the top of the charts in Ireland with each new release.

Nowadays, the group is made up of 5 musicians:

  • Kevin Crawford (flute, whistles, bodhràn)
  • Trevor Hutchinson (bass)
  • Seán Smyth (violin, whistles)
  • Cillian Vallely (uilleann pipes, whistles)
  • Paul Meehan (guitar, banjo)

On the music side, Lúnasa explores above all the traditional Irish repertoire, allowing herself to compose most of the pieces herself. We particularly appreciate their dynamism and joie de vivre, an ideal and explosive cocktail for a successful concert!

However, there is only one thing we deplore: their weak presence in France risks disappointing French-speaking fans!

His Discography

  • Lunasa – 1998
  • Otherworld – 1999
  • Merry Sisters of Fate – 2001
  • Redwood – 2003
  • The Kinnitty Sessions – 2004
  • Se – 2006
  • The Story so Far – 2008