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William John Neeson, also known as Liam Neeson is a film actor of Irish nationality, well known in Hollywood film circles. He is responsible for many quality films, both engaged and unengaged, some of which put Ireland in the spotlight .

Biography of Liam Neeson

A Childhood Marked by Conflict in Northern Ireland

Liam Neeson was born on June 7, 1952 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, to a Catholic family. He spent his youth in a tense climate and discovered the complexity of the conflict in Northern Ireland at an early age. Although he kept as far away as possible, the conflict would mark him forever, and is still reflected in some of his films today.

Liam Neeson started working for the Irish firm Guinness when he came of age, driving a forklift truck every day. He soon grew tired of it and became a truck driver, an assistant architect, a teacher and then an amateur boxer.

But it was at the age of 24 that he discovered his true passion: cinema. He then joined the Belfast Lyric Players and spent 2 years with the company. He then joined Dublin’s Abbey Theatre and performed in plays that began to give him a certain popularity in the Dublin comedy scene.

But Liam doesn’t want to stop there, and is aiming for the top by turning to Hollywood. So he applied for small TV roles, and peas for big movies…

His debut in the cinema

It all began for Liam Neeson in 1979, when he landed a lead role in the film Excalibur, and then in The Bounty, in which he played Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins. Then came the film “Mission” with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.

But success came in 87, when the film “Suspect Dangerous” was released, in which he played a deaf-mute homeless man accused of a murder he did not commit. 1993 is the year of the consecration: he plays the main role in Schindler’s List, and receives an Oscar for his interpretation. Liam Neeson is now an actor of international stature.

In 1994, Liam Nesson married actress Natasha Richardson, who died on March 18, 2009 following a skiing accident, leaving the widowed actor with two children, Michael and Daniel.

Despite this family drama, Liam Neeson went on to play in a string of films, including ‘Michael Collins’, Star Wars, Gang of New York, Love Actually, and Batman Begins. He adopted dual Irish-American nationality in 2009.

Her recent films include “Taken”, an action film, and “Five Minutes of Heaven”, an auteur film about the conflict in Northern Ireland.


  • 1979: Ken Anderson’s Journey of the Pilgrim
  • 1979: Christiana by Ken Anderson
  • 1981: Nailed – director unknown
  • 1981: Excalibur by John Boorman
  • 1983: Krull by Peter Yates
  • 1984: Roger Donaldson’s Bounty
  • 1984: The Space of a Lifetime by Don Sharp..
  • 1985: The Innocent by John McKenzie
  • 1986: Mission of Roland Joffé
  • 1986: Duo for a soloist by Andrei Kontchalovsky
  • 1986: Lamb by Colin Gregg
  • 1987: Mike Hodges’ Irish
  • 1987: Dangerous suspect of Peter Yates
  • 1988: Satisfaction of Joan Freeman
  • 1988: Detective Harry is Buddy Van Horn’s last target..
  • 1988: Leonard Nimoy’s Passion Award
  • 1988: High Spirits by Neil Jordan
  • 1989: A cop in Chicago by John Irvin
  • 1990: Darkman by Sam Raimi
  • 1990: The Big Man by David Leland
  • 1992: A Glow in the Night by David Seltzer
  • 1992: Lack of evidence from Simon Moore
  • 1992: Chester Dent’s Revolver
  • 1992: Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives
  • 1992: In Good Faith by Richard Pearce
  • 1993: Ethan Frome by John Madden
  • 1993 : Graeme Clifford’s Cairo Ruby
  • 1993: Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg
  • 1994: Nell by Michael Apted
  • 1995: Rob Roy by Michael Caton-Jones
  • 1996: The Weight of Dishonour of Barbet Schroeder
  • 1996: Michael Collins of Neil Jordan
  • 1998: Les Misérables de Bille August
  • 1999: Star Wars: Episode I of George Lucas
  • 1999: Haunting by Jan de Bont
  • 2000: Eric Blakeney’s paranoid Mafia
  • 2002: K-19: Kathryn Bigelow’s Deep Sea Trap
  • 2002: Gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese
  • 2003: Love Actually by Richard Curtis
  • 2004: Dr. Kinsey by Bill Condon
  • 2005: Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven
  • 2005: Breakfast on Pluto by Neil Jordan
  • 2005: Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan
  • 2006: Seraphim Falls by David Von Acken
  • 2008: Taken by Pierre Morel
  • 2008: The Other Man by Richard Eyre
  • 2009: Five Minutes of Heaven by Oliver Hirschbiegel
  • 2009 : Chloe d’Atom Egoyan
  • 2010: Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans
  • 2010: After Life by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo
  • 2010: Joe Carnahan’s All-Risk Agency

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