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The leprechaun is a character born of Irish legends and is one of the icons of Irish folklore, mainly found on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. There are many legends and stories about the leprechaun. This mischievous little man who jealously hides his golden cauldron always arouses the interest of young and old alike… That’s why we propose you a small summary on this creature as insignificant as fascinating…

Presentation of the Leprechaun

The Leprechaun, a small creature with a bad temper..

Irish people disguised as Leprechaun - garryknight - cc

Irish people disguised as Leprechaun – garryknightcc

The Leprechaun is by definition a being that stands out by its small size (90 cm). Stocky, dressed in green and a shoemaker’s apron (leigh bhrogan in Irish Gaelic). The Leprechaun has a rather grumpy character, often abusing dudeens (a liqueur made from them) and his pipe, which allows him to smoke who knows what noxious grass.

One could say that the Leprechaun is a solitary, asocial being, whose characteristic bad temper does not always make him sympathetic. Being atypical, there are only male leprechauns.

Legend has it that their birth is in truth the union of a human and a spirit, although the Leprechaun is rejected by both worlds.

An excellent shoemaker, as well as a fearsome banker…

A pot of gold - Leprechaun Museum - cc

A pot of gold – Leprechaun Museum – cc

In spite of his greed, the leprechaun knows how to be grateful and doesn’t hesitate to offer his homemade whiskey. Unfortunately, humans, which the leprechaun avoids, have a hard time holding out. He keeps at his disposal in two leather purses, a 1 shilling coin and a gold coin for bribes.

He would also be the guardian of cauldrons full of gold coins because in addition to being a cobbler, he would also be the banker of the small world. He is therefore suspicious of humans, whom he knows to be greedy and foolish, because he fears for his treasures. His living space is confined to bushes from which he leaps to other gullies.

He’s fast and if you still catch him, so don’t listen to his promises of fortune in exchange for his freedom, he’ll slip through your fingers. Legend has it that you should not let him out of your sight: a single blink from you would be enough for the Leprechaun to disappear from your sight as if by magic!

What’s your point? Will you be able to catch it?

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