Representation of Tristan and Isolde - Public Domain

The Legend of Tristan and Isolde

Representation of Tristan and Isolde - Public Domain

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There are many legends set in Ireland, but nothing can ever dethrone the romantic charm of the legend of Tristan and Isolde! This story, resembles in many ways the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Just look at it: impossible love, rivalries and power struggles: everything comes together to make the perfect story!

Legend of Tristan and Isolde

Two young men promised to a thwarted love

The original legend is quite complex, and has been taken up and rewritten many times over the centuries. Nevertheless, whatever the versions, the story is always the same and takes up these great principles where Tristan is a knight who falls madly in love with the Irish princess Isolde, then promised to King Mark of Cornwall. They both decide to flee, to live their love in broad daylight, where no one will ever be able to recognize them.

Nevertheless, their escape will encounter countless difficulties, between chases, intrigues, manipulations, and confrontations with mystical creatures, including a dragon.

Tristan will eventually die of poisoning, and only a few days later she will die of grief. They were both buried side by side…

Legend has it that a hazelnut tree and a honeysuckle grew on their grave, meeting in places: the symbol of true love!

One of the best known tales in Europe!

The legend of Tristan and Isolde has travelled around the globe. It must be said that it takes up the greatest themes of Greek tragedy, while having a 100% Celtic charm!

Although the original writings are sometimes not very accessible (the turns of phrase are sometimes difficult), there are many books that attempt to present a simplified and more up-to-date version of the original plot…

Magic, love, fights of chivalry: you quickly get caught up in the charm of the legend!


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