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Kodaline is an Irish music group, which has been a huge success since 2014. Highly appreciated for their indie pop songs, they have literally invaded the airwaves around the world! They are once again a true symbol of the Irish musical revival!

Discover Kodaline

An intimate group, very quickly out of the shadows

Kodaline consists of 4 members:

  • Stephen Garrigan (vocals, piano, guitar),
  • Vinny May (percussion),
  • Jason Boland (bass)
  • and Mark Prendergast (guitar, piano)

It all began for the band in 1996, when Stephen Garrigan met Mark Prendergast at their school choir in Swords, a northern suburb of Dublin. Soon they became friends and discovered their common taste for music.

In 2002, they met Vinny May Jr (drummer) and started to play a few songs together under the name “21 Demands”. It’s only in 2011 that they will change for “Kodaline”.

In 2012, bassist Jason Boland joins the band. Kodaline then starts to get noticed, and supports the Cranberries during their European tour.

In 2013, the band released their debut album “In a perfect world” which was an incredible success.


  • 2013: In a perfect World
  • 2015: Coming up for air

Still so much to discover!


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