Jack Gleeson - Peter Pham - cc

Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson - Peter Pham - cc

Jack Gleeson is an Irish actor from Cork. Born in 1992, all the fashion remembers him to see incarnated the terrible king Joffrey Baratheon of the series of the Iron Throne. As detestable in his role as talented in life, he is one of the great hopes of Irish cinema, and is already beginning to conquer Hollywood!

Jack Gleeson’s Career

An actor known for his atypical features

A native of Cork, Jack Gleeson has been fascinated by the art of acting from a very young age. As a teenager, he was noticed in supporting roles such as Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins.

On television he appeared in four episodes of the Irish series Killinaskully, created by comedian Pat Shortt.

But it was in July 2009 that everything changed for the actor, when he was hired for the role of the terrible King Joffrey Baratheon in the Game of Thrones. It is then the immediate success: he plays a king so execrable that he is one of the greatest characters of the series.

But Jack Gleeson does not intend to pursue his acting career. Following in parallel a course of philosophy at Trinity College University in Dublin, he announced in 2012 that he wished to devote himself to his studies and give up his acting career.

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