An irish hunter - Nick & Anne photo - cc

Irish Hunter

An irish hunter - Nick & Anne photo - cc

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The Irish Hunter is a type of horse resulting from the crossing of an Irish draught horse and an Irish thoroughbred. Mainly gifted for hunting at hounds, this horse is therefore a half-blood horse, very appreciated for its sporting performances and its speed.

The Irish Hunter

Origins and characteristics

The Irish Hunter has been around since medieval times, when local nobles entertained themselves by hunting in the Irish wilderness. Anxious to have efficient horses, and capable of running fast prey, the Irish therefore undertook to cross an Irish thoroughbred with a half-bred horse, thus obtaining the “Irish Hunter”.

The latter measures 1.70m, is a good jumper, enduring, and solid, able to carry his rider for long hours of tracking.

Docile and calm, he is very pleasant to train and can be used for rides. We can also propose you to ride an Irish Hunter during an Irish ride!


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