Irish Flag - Iker Merodio - cc

Irish Flags

Irish Flag - Iker Merodio - cc

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In both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, flags have their own importance and meaning. To help you better understand this, here is a small overview of the different Irish flags used on a daily basis, whether to present the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, or the Irish Provinces

The Flags of the Republic of Ireland

Flags of the Republic of Ireland

In the Republic of Ireland, the green, white and orange tricolor flag is most often crossed, representing the Irish State, except for Northern Ireland.

Created by the Young Ireland Movement, it features green (Gaels), white (Peace), and orange (Orangemen).

The Presidential banner is also used at official political events.

This is especially true on St. Patrick’s Day, when the Irish take out their standards to proclaim their pride in being Irish!

Flags of Northern Ireland

Union Jack

The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom. It is a superimposition of the flags of England, Scotland, and St. Patrick’s flag representing Ireland.

Flag of Saint Patrick (or Cross of Saint Patrick)

The St. Patrick’s Flag symbolizes St. Patrick, patron saint of the Irish. It is mainly used by unionists.

The Sunburst Flag

The Sunburst Flag is used by Nationalists and Republicans. It represents a sun on a blue background.

Starry Plough

The Starry Plough is used to represent Nationalists, Republicans and Socialists.

Flags of the Provinces of Ireland


Flag of Connacht

The Connacht Flag represents the Irish counties in the central-western part of the Republic of Ireland. It represents an eagle, and a hand with a sword.

Flag of Leinster

The Flag of Leinster represents the eastern counties of the Republic of Ireland. It represents Brian Boru’s Harp on a dark green background.

Flag of Mide

The Flag of Mide designates a former Irish province including the county of Meath and Westmeath. It is symbolized by a king sitting on his throne on a light blue background.

Munster Flag

The Flag of Munster represents the counties of south-western Ireland. It represents 3 crowns on a blue background.

Ulster Flag

The Ulster Flag represents the 6 counties of Northern Ireland. It represents the cross of St George and the hand of O’Neill (a once very influential family in the province).


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