Irish Cob

Irish cob - Thomas Quine - cc
Irish cob - Thomas Quine - cc

The Irish Cob (also called Gypsy Vanner, or Tinker), is a very popular breed of Irish horse throughout the world. As a draught horse or pony, the Irish Cob is an ideal horse for rides in Ireland!

The Irish Cob

Origins and characteristics of the Irish Cob

The Irish Cob is a horse that was mainly bred by Travellers, Irish nomads, in need of gentle and docile horses, able to pull their trailers. Many Irish farmers also used it for their farm work.

The Irish Cob is generally very robust, with developed muscles and medium-heavy bones. It is best recognized by its very full, wavy hair and its large baleen (stiff hair above the hoof). It has a proud head carriage and a light, powerful stride. Very intelligent, it is a species that is more and more seducing the equestrian world…

It can be used for show jumping, strength training, or hiking. Many Irish riding clubs offer you to discover Ireland with this horse. A truly unforgettable experience!