A holly wreath for Christmas - lyulkamazur

Holly: an Irish Christmas tradition

A holly wreath for Christmas - lyulkamazur

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Did you know that? The traditional holly wreath that you hang on your door at Christmas has its origins in an Irish custom! At the time, the Irish did not have trees to decorate their homes. They used holly, famous for growing in abundance in Ireland. We tell you more in this article!

The holly: a symbolic plant for the Irish people

A tradition that is still part of today’s customs

Ireland has not always been a prosperous country. Quite the contrary. Also, at Christmas time, the locals used to decorate their houses with what they could afford. That’s why they used holly, a plant rather present on the island, to brighten up their doors and houses.

They sometimes added ivy for more generosity, playing on the forms.

At the time, there were no fir trees, nor light garlands: they were made in simplicity. The decoration was vegetal, and the means of the edges brought a touch of magic to the Christmas party.

In fact, the more Irish tradition, the more berries the holly had, the more generous and prosperous the new year was going to be. It was a sign of happiness, joy, and celebration.

Nowadays, the tradition has remained, and has even spread to the rest of the world! This is why many families hang a beautiful holly wreath (natural or plastic) on their door. Considered as a protection, it ensures peace and happiness at home. In short, better than the classic mistletoe bouquet!


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