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Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes - kDamo - cc

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Gemma Hayes is an Irish folk singer. Armed with her guitar, she delivers songs with her own songwriting on each song. Renowned for the sensitivity and maturity of her lyrics, Gemma Hayes has established herself on the Irish scene as a true revelation of the 2000s. Here’s a look back at this singer who is as talented as she is discreet.

Gemma Hayes biography

A folkeuse who gives of herself

Gemma Hayes was born on August 11, 1977 into an Irish family of 8 children. Her father, a musician, introduced her to the piano at a very early age and made her discover a real passion for music. After her studies, Gemma Hayes had only one idea in mind: to live from music. To do this, she worked part-time in a laundromat, and devoted the rest of her day to composing, whether on piano or guitar.

It was in 2001 that she was noticed by an independent French label: “Source Records”. She recorded her first album “Work to a Calm” and then “Night On My Side” in 2002. This last album was acclaimed by the Irish critics and won numerous awards. It was at this point that Gemma Hayes finally made her way into posterity!

In 2005, Gemma Hayes went on to record a new album, “The Roads Don’t Love You”, a more mature album, which was also a big hit with critics and fans in the early days.

After a discreet tour, Gemma Hayes is currently working on writing a new album.

His Discography

  • 2001: Work to a Calm
  • 2002: Night On My Side
  • 2005: The Roads Don’t Love You


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