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The GAA (Athletic Association Gaelic) is a sporting organisation aiming to preserve Gaelic sport and to spread Irish Gaelic culture more widely. Ireland is indeed a country very attached to its traditions, and wishes to preserve its sporting and cultural heritage as much as possible. This is why the GAA is one of the most important bodies that coordinates the whole operation of the various Gaelic sports . To go further, here is a point on its history and its field of intervention…

History of the GAA

An Association for the Preservation of Gaelic Culture

The GAA was founded in 1884 by Michael Cusack and Michael Davitt, 2 Irish people who wanted to raise awareness of Gaelic sports such as Hurling, Camogie (the women’s version of hurling) and Gaelic Football.

At that time, most of these sports were not of great interest to the Irish, and the GAA wanted to bring Gaelic cultural heritage up to date.

The wager was successful: from 1884 to the present day, the GAA has undertaken numerous actions to save these sports, and today we can count the creation of numerous sports clubs dedicated to these sports. Moreover, this association has helped to unite the Irish around an identity principle: that of being Irish and keeping its cultural past intact.

The GAA is so successful that it has a total membership of 800,000 across Ireland. Most of them are involved in Gaelic sports, but also participate in cultural events involving the learning of Irish Gaelic, music and dance.

The GAA coordinates this at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.

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