Father Ted is a Brtitannic-Irish series featuring the adventures of 3 priests and their governess, living on the fringe, on Craggy Island, off the Irish coast. Exiled on this island because of their borderline behaviour, the series plays on stereotypes, in a comic and relaxed tone …

Father Ted

A quirky series on Catholic priests

Broadcast from 1995 to 1998 on Channel 4, the series Father Ted counts the adventures of three crazy priests, all in prey with their ambitions and shortcomings. All exiled for having crossed the line on the continent, they now live apart from the world and can indulge in all their sweet sins and faults! In this trio, let’s count:

  • Ted Crilly, exiled on Craggy Island for embezzling donations collected by the church,
  • Jack Hackett, exiled for his recurring alcoholism and his passion for women,
  • Dougal McGuire, exiled for his simple-mindedness, wavering faith and moody behaviour.

The series takes place in a comic and humorous atmosphere worthy of Monty Python. The priests do in the humor potache, the gags are light and often borderline, and the image of the church takes a severe blow. In short, the tone is set, and the characters are propelled to the top of caricature!

A rather funny series all in all!