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An Irish artist with a world-famous sound, Enya is today an outstanding singer who is enjoying increasing success. Known for her calm songs that invite relaxation and travel, Enya’s career has been marked by success and recognition from her peers. Although she does not like the lure of celebrity, Enya remains very discreet when it comes to promoting her latest albums. A real treat for the ears!

Enya’s biography

A discreet singer, with a dazzling success

Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (Enya Brennan in the Anglicised form) was born in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland, on 17 May 1961. She spent her childhood in a family deeply marked by music: not a single member of the family could not play an instrument!

Very soon, his brothers and sisters formed a group called “An Clann As Dobhair” in 1968 which was renamed “Clannad” 2 years later. Eithne decided to join the band in 1980 to play the keyboard and add his voice to the backing vocals. The experience seems to be a real revelation for her, and Eithne expresses the desire to pursue her own solo career. She then met Nicky Ryan, who would become her manager and producer.

Eithne seems to have a real talent for musical creation. She then likes to use sounds from Irish music to rework and blend them with New Age sounds. The result is surprising! After a few recordings, Eithne is offered to participate in the composition of the film “The Frog” (French Lesson). It is at this moment that Eithne takes the name of Enya.

An exemplary reputation for an outstanding singer

Her participation in the film The Frog was a great success, and opened the door to the TV world for her. She was then hired to compose the music for a TV documentary called “The Celt” in 1986.

But Enya has other desires than composing for TV: she wants to release her first album. This was released in 1987 under the name “Enya” and met with mixed success.

With her album Watermark in 1988, Enya began to make a name for herself thanks to the song Orinoco Flow, which reached a peak in Great Britain: nearly 8 million copies were sold! Three years later, with Sheperd Moons, she did even better and 10 million copies were sold, with her first Grammy award in the “Best New Age Music Album” category. Thanks to The Memory of Trees, Eithne won her second Grammy in 1995.

In 1997, a Best Of: “Paint the sky with stars” was released. That same year Eithne was offered to compose the soundtrack of the James Cameron film Titanic, but she refused the offer.

After a 5-year break, Eithne released a new album “A Day Without Rain” in 2000, which reached record sales worldwide. After the release of “Amarantine” in 2005 and “And Winter Came”, Enya established herself as a rising star of New Age music.

His Discography

  • Enya (1987)
  • Watermark (1988)
  • Shepherd Moons (1991)
  • The Celts (1992)
  • The Memory of Trees (1995)
  • Paint The Sky With Stars (1997)
  • A Box Of Dreams (1997)
  • A Day Without Rain (2000)
  • Only time (2002)
  • Amarantine (2005)
  • And Winter Came (2008)

Still so much to discover!


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