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DeLorean Motor Company

The Delorean - Terabass - cc

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The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) is an American-Irish automaker, author of the famous car of the “Back to the Future” trilogy commonly known as the DeLorean (or DMC-12). The company had only a brief success before going bankrupt in 1982, and did not leave a lasting memory of its other models… Here is a brief history of the Irish car company, which was only a short-lived success…

DeLorean Motor Company History


DeLorean Motor Company was founded on October 24, 1975 by John DeLorean, a wealthy businessman based in Michigan. Soon, the man was looking for factories to produce his cars and then thought of Ireland. At that time, Des O’Malley, Minsiter of Industry and Commerce was against the project and therefore refused the establishment of DeLorean in the Republic of Ireland…

Fortunately for the businessman, Northern Ireland sees the situation in a different light, and the NIDA (Northern Ireland Development Agency) decides to make him a proposal to set up its factories in Northern Ireland, thus creating many jobs in areas heavily affected by unemployment.

Delighted, John DeLorean therefore sets up its factories in Dunmurry, not far from Belfast, and thus benefits from a hundred million dollars in state subsidies. Six buildings with a total surface area of 61,000m² were built.

The Model DMC-12 or “DeLorean”..

As early as 1978, the car manufacturer designed the DMC-12, a car with innovative shapes, butterfly doors and a body made from stainless steel. Mass production was planned for 1979, but delays were long and the DMC-12 was not produced until 1981. The first cars will have some plaster castings after the sometimes sloppy work of some inexperienced workers.
Nevertheless, by 1982, the model and its quality improve, and buyers are rushing to the gate to buy the car…

In spite of its success, the reception of the DMC-12 is very mixed: the car is indeed criticized for its weak engine, as well as for its stainless steel body which is difficult to maintain… Moreover, the DMC-12 costs more than $25,000: an astronomical sum for

The DeLorean Motor Company dives…

The production of the DMC-12 model is perhaps too ambitious a project for the company… Very quickly, the company’s accounts run out of steam, battered by exorbitant production costs and low sales of the vehicle… While the company produces between 10,000 and 12,000 vehicles per year, only 6,000 vehicles are sold each year…

Faced with this critical situation, the company is attempting a restructuring by creating a holding company: the DeLorean Motors Holding Company, comprising the DeLorean Motor Company and its subsidiaries DeLorean Motor Cars Limited (manufacturer), DeLorean Motor Cars of America (the American distributor) and DeLorean Research Partnership (research and development).

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it, and John DeLorean asks for help from the British government, which he is refused. And since misfortune does not happen alone, John DeLorean is accused as early as October 1982 of being involved in a drug trafficking affair…

The FBI and the DEA suspect him of having trafficked more than 24 million dollars worth of cocaine. These accusations are based on a videotape showing DeLorean discussing the merchandise with undercover FBI agents. Even so, the businessman is acquitted, but suffers a terrible reputation.

Unable to save his company, the DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt at the end of 1982, causing 2,500 employees to be laid off and the plant to close. John DeLorean decided to leave Northern Ireland for New England and died there on March 19, 2005 in New Jersey.

The DeLorean rebuilds its reputation with the trilogy Back to the Future..

It is only in 1985 that the DMC-12 model experiences a renewed interest: it appears as the flagship car in the movie trilogy “Back to the Future” (1985-1990). People take a close interest in this car, which is atypical to say the least, and allows some collector car enthusiasts to form a “community of enthusiasts”… Clubs are formed, and some collectors fight to acquire a DeLorean… Nowadays, it is estimated that there are more than 6000 DeLoreans in running condition… As for their acquisition price, it has exploded and is between 10,000 and 30,000 euros…


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