Damien Rice

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Damien Rice - LeBlogDeLaBlonde - cc

A songwriter like few others! Damien Rice is an Irish artist, known today all over the world for his songs and ballads that are stripped down but full of emotion. Many compare him to great songwriters like Jeff Buckley or Bob Dylan.

Biography of Damien Rice

An Irish man with a passion for music

Damien Rice was born on 7 December 1973 in Cellbridge, a small town less than 20km from Dublin. He soon discovered the world of music, learning guitar and piano in his youth. He proved to be very gifted in composition and improvisation, and began composing his music as a teenager.

In 1999, he becomes the singer of the group Juniper, but his experience within the group is not satisfactory enough for his taste. So he leaves Juniper after 2 singles, and decides to make a solo career.

In the meantime, Damien Rice receives talented musicians for his next album, as well as a singer: Lisa Hannigan, an Irish woman whose exceptional voice will allow Damien Rice to give more intensity to his compositions.

After a few months of writing and composing, he finally recorded his first album entitled “0”, and managed to land a record deal. In 2002, O was released in Ireland and the rest of the world.

It is then the success…

The album was a huge success in Ireland, and people even described it as one of the best albums of all time behind U2’s Joshua Tree. The singles “Delicate”, “Cannonball”, “Volcano” and “The Blower’s Daughter” are particularly appreciated.

The only disappointment: success was much more discreet in Europe and the United States, and Damien Rice was just one of many artist names. The fault lies above all in the cruel lack of media coverage of his album in countries such as France.

The promotion of his album allowed him to familiarize himself with the stage, and shows a real talent for touching crowds. After a major tour spent on the road, Damien Rice returned to songwriting, recording the album “9” with Lisa Hannigan in 2006, which went on to become a worldwide success, much more so than O!

The Irish songwriter plays all over the place

Many American films and series broadcast his songs in their montages (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Shrek…etc.). We mainly note the single “9 Crimes” as well as “Rootless Tree”. Damien Rice starts a tour where tickets are sold out at high speed. The concerts are then of a great quality, and benefit from the best music critics!

It was nevertheless on March 25, 2007 that Damien Rice announced the end of his collaboration with Lisa Hannigan, considering that their duo had reached the end of their creative journey.

Damien Rice’s discography

  • 2002 – O
  • 2006 – 9