Mummy of the Croghan Man - Mark Healey - cc

The Croghan Man

Mummy of the Croghan Man - Mark Healey - cc

The Croghan Man is a mummified body in excellent condition, which was discovered in the Irish bogs in June 2003. Exhibited in the National Museum of Ireland, he is one of the most famous mummies in the country!

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A partially preserved body

The Croghan Man is said to have been found in a bog on Croghan Hill in Offaly County. Only his torso and arms were preserved. According to researchers, the man died between 362 and 375 BC. He was less than 20 years old at the time of his death and measured 1.98m, an impressive height for the time, which can be guessed from the length of his arms!

The condition of his hands, which were particularly well cared for, suggests that he was among the upper echelons of society at the time.

He is believed to have died following the assault of assailants who attacked him on Croghan Hill. A blade would have pierced his chest. His head would then have been decapitated and his body cut in two, which may explain why only his torso and arms were found. There are still significant cut marks on the body.

Theories as to the cause of the young man’s death are multiplying within the research community. Some believe that it is primarily a sacrificial rite, in homage to the gods of fertility and harvest. Others, on the other hand, place their theory under the cover of accidental chance…

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