Friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day - gpointstudio


Friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day - gpointstudio

Craic is a typically Irish term (of Gaelic origin), used to describe something “fun”, pleasant, and enjoyable. Difficult to translate, this term is used very regularly by the Irish population, constantly looking for the “right moment”.

The irish craic

In constant search of fun

Craic is a predominant notion in Irish culture. Irish people seek in their daily lives a certain quality of life that can co-exist with their work, and their social obligations, and thus seek to spend as many pleasant moments as possible in their daily lives.

This is what is commonly called the “craic”.

For example, Irish people like to look for the “Perfect Craic” when they are in a Pub, with friends, a pint in hand… Or when they are out and about, in the countryside, hiking with friends or family…

It’s a good time, a relaxing moment to enjoy to the fullest, and to enjoy life!

Craic, for example, is a term that comes up very regularly and expresses the need of the Irish population to detach themselves from the constraints of everyday life in order to escape for a while, through an activity that relaxes them and makes them happy.

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